Development of the robot industry to occupy the high point of intelligent manufacturing should not \"swarm\"

发布者:China Economic Net


2017-04-27 18:01

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Industry Minister Miao Wei revealed that China has put forward the overall framework of intelligent manufacturing standard system, launched the 81 pilot validation project research. Through the initial experience, intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration project production efficiency increased by an average of more than 30%, energy efficiency increased by an average of more than 10%, operating costs reduced by an average of more than 20%."The next stage of China's manufacturing 2025 'development process, intelligent manufacturing is the main carrier." National People's Congress Standing Committee Jiangzhuang said that the deep integration of information technology and manufacturing technology is the core of a new round of industrial revolution, is the manufacturing innovation drive , Transformation and upgrading of the commanding heights, breakthroughs and the main direction, and "two fusion" is the most prominent embodiment of intelligent manufacturing.Cai Fang, a member of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, believes that China must occupy the commanding heights when developing the robot industry. "China is now considered the fastest growing country in the robot industry, but China 's robot development is still in a low - end industrial chain, the use of robots to replace simple labor or semi - skilled labor is an important driving force in the market.Cai Fang said that from an international point of view, the fastest growing high-end robots, and even can replace a lot of white-collar work. Although China is now only a general shortage of labor, the need to replace some of the workers with the robot, a lot of white-collar work is currently no need to replace. However, the development of world robots and artificial intelligence technology will not slow down because China has a special national conditions, so we must occupy the industrial high ground in order to meet the challenges of the future, industrial policy and the market should be combined to make appropriate guidance.Industry, although new, but also to prevent "surplus." "We should pay attention to prevent the new round of high-end production capacity of the repeated construction," the National People's Congress Standing Committee member Lu Wei reminded: We found in the survey, in the process of high-end manufacturing transformation, there have been some signs of duplication, such as in the robot , Intelligent manufacturing and other fields. Most of the 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities have intelligent manufacturing centers, robot centers, including relatively high-end LCD panel manufacturing. Lu Wei believes that the development of intelligent manufacturing "should have some differences, highlighting the characteristics and advantages of various regions.Manufacturing industry is difficult to "jump" with the development, "in the development of intelligent manufacturing, but also to maintain a clear understanding of our key core technology, high-end equipment, basic parts and other aspects there is a big gap. The industry's most basic things, from the perspective of industrial development, this can not be crossed, software and hardware to develop at the same time, in order to truly achieve 'manufacturing power' goal. "Jiangzhuang said, should not" swarm ", patronize the current The latest wave of technology, but ignored the solid foundation to lay the ground. (Economic Daily reporter Li Zhe)