Wuhan will build intelligent manufacturing demonstration area to form the robot industry cluster



2017-05-02 11:02

Winemakers, stir-fry robots, robot robots, underwater robots... Wuhan has assembled a number of robot enterprises with distinctive and deep agricultural subdivisions, which are forming an industrial cluster.Guanggu robot makes wine for strong brand   Yesterday, Wuhan Endeavor Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd., chairman of the water hit Xu said that the cultivation of liquor on the retort process mainly rely on the experience and physical strength of workers in the increasingly high cost of labor today, the company should be developed on the potential retort robot.The following are the same as the "At present, this robot has been put into the Chinese health wine leading brand fresh wine plant, the embodiment of skilled, experienced old "master", standing next to the wine steamer, evenly shop material, sprinkle, a steamer to complete the steamer , Distilled down, at one go. "Not only replace the manpower, but also to ensure the stability of the process."The following are the same as the "Wuhan's service-oriented robot is also developing rapidly. Recently, in the Hongshan District IRS, many taxpayers are pleasantly surprised to see will be singing, can dance, but also explain the tax knowledge of the robot "Hong Xiaobao", the robot R & D company is Asimo Robot Technology Co., Ltd. Wang Bo, general manager of the introduction of the company in the first half of this year since the establishment of the robot has been sold to the tax, medical, public security and other fields, there are many families also began to buy the robot as a child's playmate.The following are the same as the "Hubei robot industry structure integrityThe following are the same as the "According to reports, the current collection of Hubei Province, including Central China NC Co., Ltd., Wuhan Endeavor Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd., Wuhan Intelligent Equipment Industrial Technology Research Institute, and so on more than 80 robotic enterprises, of which nearly 30 companies concentrated in the optical valley. "Hubei robot industry structure is complete, the industry chain is complete, production, learning, research, with a good foundation, basically formed, including robot theory research, ontology design, core parts manufacturing, system integration applications and training services in one integrity Industrial chain. "Hubei China Optics Valley robot industry technology innovation strategic alliance chairman Wuhan Endeavor Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd. Chairman Xu water hit.In the recent hot service-oriented robot, the East Lake High-tech Management Committee, deputy director of Xia Yamin introduced, Optical Valley has gathered more than ten service robot enterprises, entertainment and leisure robots, cooking robots, underwater robots and other aspects of the formation of a better talent , Technical and industrial base.