\"Thirteen\" period Chongqing intelligent terminal robot industry will usher in the spring

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2017-05-02 11:07

     China as our 10 January 19, 22 points when dispatch (reporter Huang Yu) "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" period, chongqing will strengthen industrial base capacity, promote advanced quality management techniques and methods, to promote green manufacturing, boosting national important modern manufacturing base construction.City by letter Liu Zhong said, deputy director of the committee member of the party group, strengthen the ability of industrial base, insist on problem oriented, push forward the core basic parts (components), advanced technology, key materials and industrial technology base and so on "four base" ability to ascend, to strengthen the construction of "four base" innovation ability. Focus on key products such as cars, intelligent terminals, robot, pay attention to the demand side, overall good, good guide, the whole machine play a good enterprise and basic motivation on both sides, to speed up the manufacturing development bottleneck.Vigorously promote advanced quality management techniques and methods, improve enterprise quality control ability, improve product quality, improve the quality management mechanism, strengthen the quality development, optimized development environment of quality, efforts to achieve manufacturing quality is improved. We will encourage enterprises to pursue excellent quality, develop brand-name products with independent intellectual property rights, and promote the value of enterprise brand and the overall image of chongqing.Go deep into green manufacturing. Strengthening ecological constraints, energy conservation and environmental protection technology, advanced technology and equipment research and development and application promotion, to speed up the green upgrade of manufacturing industry, promote efficient recycling of resources, efforts to build efficient, clean, low carbon, the cycle of the green manufacturing system.During the 13th five-year plan period, chongqing will also vigorously develop service manufacturing and production services. Accelerate the development of collaborative manufacturing and services, developing and manufacturing of producer services are closely related, to carry out the business model innovation and business mode innovation, cultivate strong headquarters economy, the economic order, economic platform, promote manufacturing to the whole value chain of high-end customers.According to liu zhong, the industrial park is the key and core carrier for the construction of the important modern manufacturing base in the country, and the development of the manufacturing industry cannot be separated from the development level of the park. Should be based on the main body function orientation, guiding zone to speed up the transformation development, increase the intensity of the characteristic industry, to strengthen the construction of infrastructure, improve the ability of economical and intensive utilization of land, enhance the level of public services and promote the development of intelligent green park cluster and city development.